Why You Should Insist That Your Car Is Repaired With Waterborne Paint

31 July 2015
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Before taking your vehicle to an auto body shop for an accident repair, you should first call them and inquire if they use waterborne paint. In addition to looking wonderful on your car, waterborne paint does not release dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This helps protect the environment and humans from danger.

Here is some information to help you understand why insisting on waterborne paint is important for all of your future auto body repairs:

Volatile Organic Compound Dangers

In the past, solvents known as VOCs were added to automotive paints. The purpose of the solvents was to make the paint dry more quickly and with a very hard finish. While they were very effective at doing their job, VOCs have been found to be cancer-causing for people and detrimental for the environment. The compounds evaporate off to dry and harden the paint, and as they rise they can be inhaled by people and pets. Once in the atmosphere, VOCs are damaging to the ozone layer.

The automotive paint industry has done a great job of creating waterborne paints that greatly limit or eliminate the need for VOCs in paint.

Waterborne Paint

As a consumer, even if your auto insurance is paying for the repair, you can request that your collision repair shop use waterborne paint for your vehicle's accident repair. Waterborne paint has gone through a lot of advancements over the last few years and is now known in the automotive repair industry and being a superior type of auto body paint over those higher in VOCs.

Waterborne Paint Advantages

In addition to its eco-friendly properties, waterborne paint also has a higher-quality color, is easier to color-match, and has much better paint-to-primer adhesion. Waterborne paints use the latest advances in pigments, and they are able to create better colors and have an easier time with quality paint matching over the older VOC paint types.

One of the surprises along the way with the invention of the waterborne paints was that it has a better adhesion to primer products. This property allows for complete paint coverage in only two coats and a superior finished look on the automobile's steel. 


By choosing an auto body shop that utilizes waterborne paints, you will know that you are doing your part to protect the earth. If you have additional questions about auto body repair paints, you should speak with a technician at a local collision repair center like Widrick Auto Sales.