Tips For Removing An Old Clunker From Your Property

10 August 2015
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If you have an old vehicle you are no longer going to be driving, and it is sitting on your property taking up space, you have several options for how to get it removed so you will not need to look at it anymore. There is always someone who will be interested in an old vehicle, even if it is not in driveable condition. Here are a few ideas for finding a new owner for an old vehicle you no longer wish to keep.

Donate It For A Cause

If you are interested in giving away your vehicle in exchange for the knowledge you are helping someone in need, there are several non-profit organizations that accept old vehicles to be used for scrap metal. Many medical conditions have websites set up giving you information about the symptoms and treatments available for people who have the condition. Look up a condition you wish to contribute to and search about donations on their website to see if they are involved in a vehicle donation program. You can sign up online and a tow truck will be dispatched to come pick up your vehicle. You will receive paperwork to send in with your income taxes showing you have made a donation.

Check With The Fire Department

Fire departments are always in need of vehicles they can set on fire to teach new firefighters about putting out vehicle fires. Call a few of your local fire departments to see if they would like your vehicle. They will send someone to come take it off of your hands, and you will enjoy knowing you helped them use it for a worthy cause.

Find A Junk Car Buyer

Junk car buyers will give you money in exchange for your vehicle depending on its weight. If your vehicle runs, you can drive it onto a scale at the service and they will give you money for your vehicle right on the spot. It is a good idea to ask if they need the title to the vehicle before driving there, as some services will require this before paying you for the vehicle. If your vehicle does not run, they may have a flatbed available to come pick it up for you. They will most likely charge you from this service and take the fee out of the amount you would be paid for the scrap metal. Contact a company like Ingram Auto Sales Inc to learn more.

Have A Bit Of Fun

If your vehicle runs, you may want to sign it up for a demolition derby at a local fair or sporting arena. The company running the show will have your vehicle scrapped when the event is over. You will enjoy having one last hurrah in your vehicle and you may even come out the grand winner! Paint the vehicle in some fun colors, give it a name, smash the glass out, and get ready to take it for a spin!