4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Used Car During The Winter

14 January 2016
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If you are planning on purchasing a vehicle during the winter months, you'll most likely have to deal with winter weather conditions such as snow and ice. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a used car during the winter months.

#1 Bring An Extra Pair Of Shoes

If you are wearing your winter boots, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes with you when you test drive the vehicle. For the majority of the year, you will not be driving around in winter boots. They are thicker than most shoes and don't let you feel the vehicle in the same way.

For that reason, be sure to bring a pair of tennis shoes or the shoes that you typically wear when the weather is better. 

#2 Bring Along Your Coat

Bring along your coat when you test drive your the vehicle. Keep your coat on and test out the air conditioning. Your coat will make you feel warm and will allow you to make sure that the air conditioning will actually keep you cool. It is easy to forget to test out the air conditioning in the winter months, and this is a great way to do so without making yourself uncomfortable in the cold weather. 

Next, after you cool the car off, take off your coat and turn up the heater. Make sure that it warms you up adequately.

#3 Remove Your Gloves

You also need to take your off your gloves when you are test driving the vehicle. By taking off your gloves, you will be able to get a more tactile experience with the vehicle that you are test driving. You will be able feel any flaws easier this way.

#4 Take It Through The Car Wash

Finally, be sure to take any vehicle that you are serious possible purchasing through the car wash. Vehicles tend to get dirty really easily in the winter, and in order to spot flaws in the vehicle's body and see what is permanent and what is just winter sludge, you need to see the vehicle when it is clean and shiny. 

If you are shopping for used cars for sale with Hubbell Motors or other used car dealers this winter, be sure to keep the four winter car shopping tips in mind as you look for a new vehicle. This will help you find the right vehicle that really works and drives well for you.