The Advantages Of Leasing A New Car

9 July 2019
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Having a brand new car to drive is a great feeling but buying new every few years is not always the best option. For many reasons, you may be better off to consider leasing a car or truck if you want to have a new vehicle every couple of years.

Lower Repair Costs

One of the best reasons to lease a new car is the lower cost of repair and maintenance on the vehicle. If you buy a car, the warranty is going to run out after you own the car. That means the cost of repairs falls on your shoulders and once the car is a few years old, the repairs it needs may start to add up quickly. The warranty on a new car is just about the same length as the loan on the car, so when you pay off the car, you can almost guarantee you will be coming out of the warranty period as well. 

Since a lease is only typical two to three years, the car never comes out of warranty while you are leasing it. If you lease a car for three years, turn it in and start a new lease when the time is right, you may never have to worry about having a car that does not have warranty coverage on it. 


Lease cars are typically new cars, which means that the car is at the top of its dependability and you can feel confident about taking it just about anywhere you need to go. Often as cars get older, the prospect of driving them on a long trip is scary because the likelihood that you could have a break down along the way is higher. Since your lease car is new or nearly new, the change of a breakdown on the road is much lower and if it does happen, the warranty means any factory dealer along your route can take care of the repairs for you.

Lower Interest Rates

When you consider leasing a car, you might find that the interest rate on the lease is lower than that of a traditional loan. There are a number of reasons that can be helpful to you, but the biggest is cost savings. If you lease over and over every few years, you are never going to get out from under having a payment to make and with that interest on the loan. The lower the interest rate attached to the lease, the better. While you may pay more interest then if you had a traditional loan, the lower rate makes that a little more bearable.

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