Fast Facts About Korean Cars And Manufacturers: Things Worth Knowing Before You Buy A Car

18 September 2019
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As you stroll through a dealership's lot, you see all kinds of vehicles made by all sorts of foreign countries. Some of these, like the models made by Japanese car manufacturers, you know are Japanese, but did you know that cars like that Hyundai Accent for sale are actually Korean? A lot of consumers tend to assume that Asian-built vehicles are all Japanese, but that is simply not true. In fact, four of the top selling Asian car manufacturers that make and sell cars in the U.S. are Korean. Here are some more interesting fast facts worth knowing as you continue on your search for a vehicle to purchase. 

Two of the Top Four Korean Manufacturers Are the Same Company

Just like some car manufacturers here in the U.S. encompass numerous makes and models of vehicles, one car manufacturer has two divisions with different company names, but the same parent company. A lot of consumers are not aware of this when they intentionally buy a Korean car by the one manufacturer while trying to avoid buying a vehicle from the parent company. If you, for whatever reason, do not want to buy cars from this company, you may inadvertently end up buying a car from them anyway when you choose to buy from the manufacturer that you think is not tied or related to the parent company. If you are inspired by the parent company, you can be really happy about buying a vehicle from the second manufacturer knowing it is all the same company. 

The Fourth Top Manufacturer Only Sells to India, Unless You Special Order a Vehicle

The fourth top-grossing manufacturer of Korean-built vehicles only sells to India and select parts of Europe. That is why you may never have heard of them, nor seen a vehicle with their name and logo on it here in the United States. However, if you have your heard dead-set on buying a vehicle from this manufacturer, there are dealers that can place a special order for you. 

One Other Popular Korean Car Manufacturer Is Known for TVs, Electronics, and Appliances

Sister companies to this car company, it almost makes sense for it to branch out into cars. The technology used in smart TVs, refrigerators, headsets, etc., is all the same technology incorporated into the dashes of the luxury cars made by this company. The recognizable names attached to the vehicle department instills confidence in consumers who already purchase products from the sister companies of this vehicle manufacturer.