6 Options For Your Custom Event Marketing Semi-Trailer

31 July 2020
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If you run a business where you go out to a lot of fairs and outdoor events, it is important to have your own marketing event trailers. With a marketing event trailer, there are lots of options for how you customize and configure the trailer. Here are some ideas.

1. Stage with Railing

First, you can add a stage that pulls down from the trailer and has railing that pops up on the stage. If you want to have more square footage to set-up shop, a stage can provide you with that. Or if you want to put on performances from your special event trailer, you can do that with a pull-down stage.

2. Exterior Awning

When you are set-up outside, it can be nice to provide protection from the elements with an exterior awning. An exterior awning can help keep people cool as they are at your booth, and it can also protect your booth from having the sun beat down on it. In the event of rain, having an awning is helpful as well. Additionally, an exterior awning can help establish and define your space better.

3. Vending Doors

If you want people to be able to just walk up to your booth, you can have vending doors that pull upwards and providing shade for people viewing your merchandise without you having to set-up an awning. If you keep your trailer stocked and ready for you to showcase your merchandise, having vending doors can make it super simple to set-up shop.

4. Custom Graphics

With a trailer that you are using for marketing events, it makes sense to add custom graphics to your trailer. With custom graphics, you can turn your marketing trailer into a moving advertisement for your business. You want to create custom graphics that really show off the heart of your business and make your marketing trailer easier for people to identify.

5. Exterior TV Compartment

If you want to show videos from your marketing trailer to people standing around the trailer, you can add exterior TV compartments. With an exterior TV compartment, you can show promotional videos at your marketing trailer.

6. Extension Rooms

If you need to have a lot of space within your marketing trailer, you can add fold-out extension rooms to your trailer. This will allow you to have a bigger marketing trailer when you go to events without having to pull two trailers.

When it comes to customizing a marketing semi-trailer for your business, choose options that work with your marketing plans for events. For more information on custom semi-trailers, contact a local auto dealer.