What to Ask When Looking at Used Cars for Sale at a Dealership

3 May 2021
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If you're looking at used cars at an auto dealership, such as used Hyundai cars for sale, you should have a list of questions to ask when you start looking at cars for sale. Some of the questions are available here for consideration, although you can write down any concerns or questions you may have that are more specific to your situation. Here are things to ask about used cars for sale when you go to the auto dealership.

How many owners a car has had

It's easier to track a vehicle's care and maintenance history when there has only been one or just a few previous owners of a car. When looking at used cars for sale, ask your auto dealer who many owners a used vehicle has had. Ask for any information regarding the car's care and maintenance history as well.

Whether a car has been in an accident or not

Used cars that have been in an accident can still be great vehicles to own and often come at a bargain price because they may have a few cosmetic flaws. You need to know if a car has been in a prior accident simply because an accident might mean a car has been totaled and has a salvage title. This is information a car dealership specialist will allow you to have access to as you explore your vehicle-purchasing options.

Note that a vehicle that has been exposed to flood or fire may also have a salvage title. Make sure you get specifics as to why a used car for sale has a salvage title, if applicable.

If the car dealership has an on-site mechanic

Used cars are a great value, especially if they have been deemed mechanically sound. They offer many years of reliable driving for you as well. If a car dealership has an on-site mechanic, they should be able to give you a live run-down of the mechanics of their used cars for sale. If you can, choose to buy a used car from a car dealership that has an on-site mechanic because this makes it easier to have your car maintained and serviced after purchase.

Not all auto dealers have an on-site mechanic but should have some relationship with a local mechanic to keep their vehicles in great condition. Ask what mechanic a used car dealership uses so you can refer to this same mechanic for the history of any car you buy and to use in the future.