Buying Your First Used Vehicle? 3 Things To Know About Haggling The Price

26 August 2015
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If you are getting ready to purchase your first used vehicle (from a dealership such as Hart Fullerton Leasing) and want to get a good deal, you need to know how the salespeople you will be working with are approaching the sale. Here are a few tips that will help you haggle with your salesperson.   Your Salesperson Expects To Drop Some Money Off The Price When you go to a used car lot and look at the list price on the vehicle, that is probably not the price that they expect to sell the vehicle at. Read More 

Considerations When Purchasing An Excavator

12 August 2015
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When you purchase an excavator, it is important to remember that there is not just one type of excavator on the market. For starters, you have variations in size—everything from a mini excavator to the largest option your manufacturer has available. You also have differences in the drive mechanism in that some excavators have wheels and some will have tracks. A final difference is that some excavators will have removable buckets that allow you to use different buckets and attachments for different jobs. Read More 

Tips For Removing An Old Clunker From Your Property

10 August 2015
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If you have an old vehicle you are no longer going to be driving, and it is sitting on your property taking up space, you have several options for how to get it removed so you will not need to look at it anymore. There is always someone who will be interested in an old vehicle, even if it is not in driveable condition. Here are a few ideas for finding a new owner for an old vehicle you no longer wish to keep. Read More 

Why Buying A Used Car From A Dealer Is A Must

6 August 2015
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Shopping for a car that has already been owned can add some stress to your car buying experience, as you want to be certain that you are buying a safe and reliable car. To take the stress out of buying a used car, you will want to buy from a certified used car dealership, as they will provide you with a professional buying experience and protect your new investment. When shopping from a used car dealership, rather than an independent seller, you will be able to receive the following: Read More 

Saving Money Through Concessions: Perks You Should Ask For With Your Next Used Car

5 August 2015
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What is a "concession" and why is it important when purchasing a car? Concessions are included in almost every big purchase you make; they're a perk that a seller includes within your transaction to make the transaction more appealing and affordable to you. When purchasing a used car, there are a few of these perks that you may want to make it a point to ask for. Extended Warranties  Used cars often come with extended warranties to make sure that you're not taking a " Read More